Instructions for use for wooden bows

Always warm up the bow before shooting - this means: after securing the bowstring, draw the bow a little further each draw (without an arrow) to warm up the bowstring until the normal draw range is reached. This warms up the bow to the natural bend.

Never shoot the bow without an arrow! ...Otherwise the bow can break. When dry loosing, the energy that is normally transferred through the arrow, is instead transferred through the bow and can damage it.

Never extend the bow beyond the specified extension length! Our bows are usually built for or adapted to the archer`s draw. Our bows are: toy bows up to 20" - children`s bows up to 22" - youth bows up to 26" - adult bows up to 28" / 30" - custom built to the archer`s draw (1" is equal to 2,54 cm)

Never hold in the anchor point for a long time!!! When you reach the anchor point, release immediately. Otherwise it can explode in your face ...

Even when not in use, rub the bow wood occasionally with boiled linseed oil varnish (not regular linseed oil from the supermarket). The varnish creates a resin and protects against moisture. "Good weather archers" do not have to do that often - people who shoot in the rain or other bad weather should do this more often. Most important is: Lubricate - do not soak the oil into the bow otherwise it will become sticky. Just put a little bit of varnish on a paper kitchen towel and rub it into the bow.

When not actively shooting or when taking a long break from shooting, the bow should always be relaxed (release the drawstring). We recommend a tension chord.

Never store the bow in a heated room or directly on heat sources (heaters, screens, etc). The wood will dry out, become brittle and possibly break. It should also not be stored in a damp room such as basements, bathrooms or similar. We usually recommend a hallway, porch or bedroom. These rooms are usually not too hot or humid.

We store our bows on two support points in the middle of the limbs laying flat (level with the ground) on the wall. Simply hammer two nails into the wall, wrap some leather around them and you`re finished. If necessary, you can also hang vertically on the string holder ... however absolutely do not put it in a corner!

Do not use just any string as a drawstring for the bow. A proper tendon consists of Dacron B50 or B55 and is tuned specifically to the bow. Dacron B50 and B55 is a synthetic fiber that has the proper stretch and tear resistance. Any other synthetic string or other materials may break the bow or may tear suddenly. If you absolutely must have it historically accurate, we recommend a linen tendon - but this can also easily tear. The bronze Dacron looks almost the same as an authentic waxed linen yarn ...

The mountain height (of the drawstring) should not exceed 15-17 cm measured from the back of the arch.

Maintain the drawstring regularly with the wax that was provided. Please do not use candle wax! Apply the wax to the drawstring and then rub it in with your hand until you can feel it becoming warm. When noticeable heat develops the wax will become liquid and seep into the drawstring.

... Just remember that it`s really just a piece of wood and treat your bow accordingly ...


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